The main risk in analysing transmedia storytelling with a conceptual portrayal like the WINGS Short Films is to force our own interpretations on what we see: the hardest part is to separate the author’s ideas from our theories. Following the cues of the three narrative layers, this essay provides an accurate and truthful interpretation of this hybrid text.

However, the point is not to find out which interpretation is the most accurate (as we said before, the decoding, in this case, will never fully overlap the encoding) but the fact that the themes, transmedia and serial form of WINGS Shot Films stimulate the audience to actively take part in the whole signification process. Therefore, the force of these texts lies in their form and contents, both carefully mastered by the author.

In my analysis I tried to focus on the author (label/artist)’s side: the choice of both media and contents tells a lot about how they want to address the audience. However, more accurate and qualitative research on how the audience/fandom deal with these storytellings could be an interesting matter of study.